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We started Jade in 1982 as an all-make Hearing Aid repair and service center. We were immediately busy servicing hearing aid dealers and Audiologists in Michigan and Colorado. Soon we were awarded a contract with the Veteran's Administration repairing our Veteran's Hearing Aids, which kept us very busy. By 1983 we registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to begin manufacturing our own line of custom made Hearing Aids.

I personally witnessed a great void in the practice of dispensing Hearing Aids from the many Hearing Aid sales stores, offices, etc. that I visited. I saw that many people could "sell" Hearing Aids, but had minimal knowledge of Hearing Aid features...

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide our clients with the highest quality hearing aid equipment and services as well as providing our clients with the best possible solution and experience.

Our Practice

Our experienced staff is focused on serving clients as if they were family. Our reputation in the community speaks for itself and we will always continue to exceed your expectations.

Our Promise

Our promise is not only to immediately improve your quality of life, but also to continually offer the latest in the hearing aid industry advancements so that you will never be left with second best.

Our Service

  • Provide complete hearing tests and exams
  • Repair ALL brands and makes of hearing aids
  • Provide personal hearing protection
  • Are a custom hearing aid manufacturer
  • Sell AND service most makes of hearing aids
  • Provide home service for shut-ins
  • Provide FREE hearing checks
  • Carry most hearing aid batteries
  • Provide doctor referrals
  • Test ALL hearing aids

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

You Will Receive a Refund if We Do Not Meet Your Expectations

At Jade Hearing, our experienced staff is committed to ensuring that your hearing aid meets all of your expectations.  We strive to bring our clients the best experience that we can give.   Our staff our always keeping up to date with the latest technologies so that you are being offered that best possible hearing solution that is available today. Not only do we want our clients to have the best hearing aid, but we also want them to feel they had a great experience.  Refunds are provided as long as the hearing aids are returned within the clients trial period.  Trial period is determined by the clients purchase contract.

Special Offers Available Today

Better Hearing Should Be Affordable So Don’t Miss Out on Our Deals

Jade Hearing is dedicated to providing our clients with the best in hearing care. We also understand that finding an affordable solution for our clients can be the last step to a perfect solution. Explore our promotions to find the best fit for you