Earmolds come in a variety of styles.  Earmolds can be made from hard materials or they can be made from softer materials.  The full-shell and half-shell styles are the most popular.  For a high level noise, the full-shell are used, while mid-level noise exposure might only require a half-shell.  Your hearing professional will discuss your specific noise levels and recommend the earmold type best suited for you.

Depending on your needs, your hearing professional may recommend an earmold with a filtered attenuator to allow for verbal communications, these are popular with musicians.  Earmolds may also have electronics to engage when the noise level reaches a certain threshold. 

Custom earmolds are made to fit your ear, they provide a better secure fit than traditional store-bought earplugs. 

Earplugs are typically in-the-canal only.  As with earmolds, earplugs can be solid or have openings to allow some sound to pass through.  Specialty earplugs are available for shooters, musicians, swimmers and others who wish to protect their hearing.  Earplugs may have removal cords, colors choices or other options.

Talk to your hearing professional about a custom solution to fit your hearing protection needs!