Hearing aids have small and delicate parts, and over time hearing aids do need repair.  Your hearing aid may stop working while you are wearing it or perhaps it may fail to come on at all when you turn it on or insert the battery. 

Things as simple as a battery door coming unhinged or wax buildup can cause you to loss sound from your hearing aid.  If you should have a problem that requires cleaning or repair, bring your hearing aids to your hearing professional.  We have the equipment to diagnose and in many cases repair your hearing aids while you wait. 

We warranty all of our Jade hearing aids and are able to repair or quote time/price for a repair if it will take longer that your appointment or is out of warranty.  Additionally we may repair hearing aids from other manufacturers in house.  If we are not able to repair your non-Jade hearing aid, we can facilitate having it repaired for you.  Many times the repairs come with a new warranty.  We can provide you with the details while you are in the office.